Intel Puzzle VR


  • Release Date: February 2017
  • Studio: HyperActive Inc.
  • Platform: PC
  • Team Size: 3
  • Project Length: 1 Month
  • Engine: Unity
  • Hardware: Oculus Rift
  • Languages: C#, HLSL
  • Tools: Adobe Suite, Google Docs, Box

Intel Puzzle VR is a VR experience created for the HIMMS conference in 2017. The goal was to advertise Intel's advancements in healthcare in a fun and engaging way. The experience was well-received, with general positive feedback and a healthy line of people waiting to try at most times of the day during the show.

The main portion of the experience consists of three 3D puzzles: a DNA double helix, a hospital, and a conventional jigsaw puzzle. The user was given each puzzle initially put together, which was then broken apart, tasking the user with putting it back together. Users could reach out and grab the puzzle pieces using the Oculus Touch controllers and move them back into place. Visual guides were used to help let the user know when the piece was close enough to where it needed to go. Once all the puzzles were completed, the experience was over.

Despite the short timeline for this project, I'm proud of what we managed to get done and the graphical fidelity of the end product. Baked dynamic global illumination allowed the background arrow models to cast light on their surroundings, while having the light fade out when the arrows got dimmer. A custom animated shader used multiple textures to create the animated DNA sequencing effect. All this ran smooth on a consumer VR headset released less than a year prior.


  • All programming and scripting
  • Worked with modeler on iterations to environment pieces
  • Wrote custom shader for background DNA sequencing animation
  • Setup all lighting and dynamic GI lightmap baking
  • Integrated MPMP video player for Unity
  • Integrated Oculus SDK and VRTK for headset tracking
  • Recorded screenshots and videos at various points in development for client review
  • Traveled to trade show for on-site setup and support