My name is Matt. I'm a game developer with years of experience in a wide variety of game engines, programming languages, platforms and hardware. I'm a skilled developer and love learning, a trait I believe is important in this ever-changing industry. I'm also a quick learner, proven by my track record of creating games and apps on new hardware in a matter of months, sometimes even weeks. I have great communication skills and love working on a team, and believe a diverse team is the key to a great product.

But most of all, I'm driven to create something I can say I'm proud of.

My goals include working on a big production game with a large team, and eventually making something that ends up on a physical store shelf. After that I would work to move up through a game studio to eventually become a lead, and after that who knows? What I know for sure is this is an industry I care about, both for the product and the people who play it, and I will work hard to make something I'm proud to have my name on.


Gravity Is Broken
Unity, C#
Uber Shape
Unity, C#
Intel Puzzle VR
Unity, C#, Oculus/VRTK
Game Engine
Visual Studio, C++, OpenGL


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  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator

  • Bash

  • Blender

  • C#

  • C++

  • Git


  • iOS App Development

  • JavaScript

  • Jenkins

  • Microsoft Word/Excel

  • Objective-C

  • OpenGL/GLSL

  • PBR Workflow Knowledge

  • Photogrammetry

  • Shader Development

  • Unity

  • Unreal Engine

  • Visual Studio

  • Xcode

Work Experience
Unity Game Developer
HyperActive, Inc.
June 2016 - Present
  • Design and create video games for Windows, iOS, VR, and other platforms
  • Develop using engines including Unity with C# scripting, Unreal Engine with C++, and PlayCanvas with JavaScript
  • Work on many facets and mechanics of a game, including character and camera controllers, environment, mission, and level design, 3D modeling and texturing, shader development, and multiplayer networking
  • Collaborate with team leads and other team members to design features and scripts, and ensure gameplay design goals are met
  • Build and maintain custom tools to help accelerate development
  • Fix bugs, write and maintain documentation, and optimize code throughout development
Independent Consultant - Game Programmer
Revelations Studios
March 2016 - June 2016
  • Helped with the early stages of an unannounced title using the Unity engine and C# scripting
  • Designed a first-person camera and character controller with a cover-based shooting system
  • Collaborated on the design and implementation of enemy artificial intelligence (AI) behavior
  • Scripted player missions and other gameplay systems
Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Design - Game Development & Programming Concentration
Becker College, Worcester, MA
August 2011 - May 2015