Gravity Is Broken

Developed: August 2014 - May 2015

Language Used:


Software Used:

Unity 3D




First-Person, Puzzle, Platformer


Gravity Is Broken is a game set in a world of floating anarchy. A freak accident causes you to crash land on an alien planet, and the destruction of your ship induces a planet-wide gravity disruption. Fortunately, you were carrying an experimental gravity gun, capable of creating localized distortion fields, which you use to navigate the world.

At its core, Gravity Is Broken is a puzzle game, focused on forcing the player to navigate a broken world in creative ways. While the game starts off simple, it quickly becomes more complicated, introducing things like moving platforms controlled by buttons, enemies, and even more advanced weapons such as the Gravity Grenade.

Gravity Is Broken was my first team project. In addition to learning more about Unity 3D and C# scripting, it taught me quite a few things about working on a team, most notably how important time management is. There were a few times when poor time management caused features to be ignored and ultimately dropped, but it was better to learn these lessons on a small team, rather than a real production environment.

Finally, Gravity Is Broken was a featured game at Becker College's PAX East 2015 booth. One of the requirements for entry was to implement a leaderboard system, used for tracking highscores, which we were able to do in the weeks leading up to the convention.


  • Nathan Baggs - Programmer
  • Matt DiDomenico (me) - Programmer, Producer
  • Annie E - Sound
  • Colin Egan - 3D Modeling, Texturing
  • Robert Murray - Sound
  • Alex Norton - 3D Modeling, Animating



This is our trailer for the game. It fully consists of in-engine gameplay, and features music by Ross Budgen.