I've been working hard on the lastest version of the beta, and I'm pretty excited about where the game is right now. The official changelog is as follows: (tl;dr: I added coins and a shop, sign up for the beta here!):

  • Build 5
  • Added coin pickups
  • Added a shop screen to buy things
  • Added revive item for purchase in shop
  • Added iCloud support for syncing for coins and items
  • Fixed bug related to spamming menu buttons very quickly (thanks Marc)
  • Misc other fixes and improvements

The biggest change for this build is probably the addition of a coin pickup system, combined with a shop to actually spend those coins. The coins are pretty standard when compared to those of other platformers, and even do a nice fly/fade out animation when picked up. The design for these coins certainly isn't final, though I will likely not use a traditional circular coin given the boxy art style of this game.

The shop, accessible from the main menu, is where one would spend those hard-earned coins. Right now there is only one item to buy, but I will be adding to the list over time. If you have any ideas you'd be willing to tweet me, let me know! Or don't, I can't control you.

shop interface

As you can see from that awesome screenshot, the one item I have in the shop right now is a revive, which allows you to, well, revive yourself if you die in the game. When you do die in the game, a heart icon similar to the one above is presented as a button, and hitting that button uses one of your revives and lets you keep playing. Right now there is no limit on the number of revives people can use in a single match, so I'm curious to see how this will affect the leaderboards and scoring overall.

The cool thing about all this coin/shop development is that it also uses iCloud natively! That means whenever you finish a game and get coins, or spend those coins in the shop, those changes will be pushed to all your devices automatically! This works for tvOS as well!

If your interested in the technical side, it uses the ridiculously-easy-to-implement iCloud Key-Value Storage system, which is essentially a system-managed plist that my game can read and make writes to. When the game makes a write to this file, iOS picks up on the change and pushes the new version to iCloud. The only real setup I had to do was to configure my game in iTunes Connect to use the same iCloud storage container for the different versions (iOS and tvOS). Once I did that, it all synced like a charm.

That's should wrap it up for this build! If you have an iOS device or the new Apple TV and would like to sign up for the beta, you can do so here! Also be sure to follow me on Twitter for more updates related to the game!