Leap Motion Towers App


  • Release Date: May 2017
  • Studio: HyperActive Inc.
  • Platform: PC
  • Team Size: 3
  • Project Length: 3 Months
  • Engine: Unity
  • Hardware: Leap Motion
  • Language: C#
  • Tools: Adobe Suite, Google Docs, Box

The Leap Motion Towers App was created for the AUA conference in 2017. The app provided attendees with information about a new urology procedure created by Boston Scientific, utilizing the Leap Motion hand controller for navigation and a large tower array of transparent OLED monitors for visual flair.

The main portion of the app was a flowchart of the new medical procedure, displayed in a timeline fashion. Attendees could navigate the app just by using their hands; the Leap Motion controller could detect hand movement and grab gestures. This would allow for grabbing of the virtual timeline, dragging to move the timeline along, and releasing. Buttons on the timeline allowed deep dives into various data; these were activated by doing a grab gesture while the cursor was hovering over a button. These deep dive sections usually contained a feedback section where the user could rate how important the content was to them. This data would be stored on an on-site database server and was tied to the user's email address.

This project required integrations with various technologies, the most obvious being with the Leap Motion controller. In addition, two servers were utilized, one to record attendee email addresses at the beginning of the experience, as well as feedback gathered during app usage, and another to track usage statistics throughout the show. Averages from the second server would be shown on the upper third section of each monitor tower.


  • All programming and scripting
  • Setup all UI including the main timeline and transitions to deep dives
  • Created server component for storing and retrieving usage statistics, and keeping clients in sync
  • Integrated with server component for storing and retrieving user email addresses and feedback (server was outsourced)
  • Integrated with Leap Motion SDK
  • Integrated MPMP video player for Unity
  • Integrated TextMesh Pro for Unity for high-quality text rendering
  • Recorded screenshots and videos at various points in development for client review
  • Traveled to trade show for on-site setup and support