Data Cap


  • Release Date: September 2021
  • Platform: PC
  • Team Size: 1
  • Project Length: 1 Week
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 5 (Early Access)
  • Language: Blueprint
  • Tools: Adobe Suite, Audacity, Blender

Data Cap is my submission for the 2021 Epic MegaJam, a week-long game jam contest. Contestants were able to create whatever game they wanted, as long as it fit with the theme "Running Out of Space". The game puts players inside a server on the internet, which is gradually filling up with data. The player must solve puzzles and navigate the environment quickly before they are crushed by the incomming data blocks.

The game's puzzle mechanics consist of power source buildings, and powered items, which can be connected with wires. I decided to use Unreal's Blueprint system, instead of C++, because I think it's great at quick iterations and getting something working fast. I created a generic parent "Powered Item" blueprint, along with child blueprints with specific behavior when powered, such as a door that would open or a platform that would move between points. This allowed for the creation of new powered items pretty quickly.


  • Scripted power source and powered item system using Blueprint
  • Animated door powered item in-engine
  • Scripted moving platform powered item using Blueprint, with support for multiple points
  • Created animated "data" material
  • Designed all levels, including starting areas

Powered Item Parent Blueprint

This is the base Blueprint used for all powered items in the game. It manages checking for power changes, whether the current power need is met, state changes, and lighting (different colors when on/off). For child Blueprint-specific behavior, powered/unpowered Tick events are called based on the powered state.

Powered Item Door Blueprint

This is the implementation for a child powered item blueprint. The "DidBecomePowered" and "DidBecomeUnpowered" events toggle an "IsOpen" variable, which triggers the open or close animation when changed. These events also play an open or close sound.