Beyond Equilibrium


  • Studio: Revelations Studios
  • Platform: PC
  • Team Size: 10
  • Engine: Unity
  • Language: C#
  • Tools: Adobe Suite, Blender

Beyond Equilibrium is a sci-fi horror first-person shooter game set on an intergalactic cruise liner with the same name. What starts as a peaceful voyage turns into a nightmare as the onboard AI goes rogue, killing hundreds of passengers before releasing a deadly toxin.


  • Programmed character and camera controller, including shooting and cover system
  • Programmed enemy robot AI
  • Developed decal system for bullet holes, signage, etc.
  • Designed poisonous gas volume system
  • Developed item pickup system, letting the player pickup and throw items to distract enemies

Cover System

I was the primary developer on the cover system. This system lets the player look at a piece of cover, press the "space" key, and have the system transition them to it. From that point, they are stuck on a horizontal "rail" parallel to the cover. Holding the right mouse button while behind cover lets the player peek around corners, or if behind short cover, peek over the cover.

The player can transition from one piece of cover to another by looking at another piece of cover and hitting the "space" key. Additionally, moving to a short piece of cover while standing will automatically make the player crouch.

Enemy AI

I was also the primary developer on the enemy AI. Being a stealth game, we wanted enemies to react to seeing as well as hearing the player, whether it be from hearing their footsteps or a loud noise like gunfire.

In this example, the player fires their gun, which the robot hears, prompting it to search in the area it heard the shot from. Once the player shoots the robot, it knows where the player is and begins pursuing them. Shooting the robot several times drains its health and effectively "kills" it, triggering its death animation.